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Tuesday, February 21st, 2006
1:13 pm - say you'll never ever, say you'll never ever, say you'll never let me go.
Friday: Len's birthday party. Pretty interesting, since she has a Filipino family. I walked in there and they had Karyoke going and i was like "woah.. its been a while." because every filipino household comes complete with a Karyoke set. Only she had the Philippines delux edition, pics of the Philippines in the background, with songs in tagolouge(sp?), and remote control microphones. Its been a while since i seen my dad's house, and he has that kind of stuff too. But the party was pretty enjoyable. Had to leave early because at 9 me, my mom, and ben caught a bus tour to Italy.
I hate going out places with my mom. I feel like people think we are lesbians or something, because if any one has ever seen my mom, you kno what im talking about, we look absolutely nothing alike. Actually, getting a blood test is on my list of things to do before i die. but anywho, yeah its totally weird. I mean it was different when i was little, but now people say to my mom "hey, your friend can come too", and then shes like "uhh that my daughter".
Italy sucked kind of. there were alot of people there with thier boyfriend or girlfriends and i was like uhhhgg. Carnival was going on, there were tons of people wearing masks, i got my face painted and it was very pretty. We went through Switzerland, which i thought was totally cool, probably because there was a lot of snow and mountains. (I still havent snowboarded yet dang it!!) And i bought a mini mug with little swiss moocows on it.

Got back on sundaynight/monday morning. Checked my icelonge RANDOMLY and one of the skaters on my bus found me. We talked today and went skating. They are above my level of skating, but they arent as good as some of the people i have skated with. I guess there are alot of posers in my school because one of them said i could show up a lot of them. But today when i was riding my board it felt really funny. and since i hadn't skated in a long time i didnt think much of it. but then i looked at it and one of my trucks were backward. i was kind of embarresed and felt a little retarded. Then i went running at 630, 2 laps around the neighborhood, i did it kind of fast, i was surprised. I guessed that it was close to a mile. i ran because soccer is comming up! yay im effing excited!

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Saturday, February 4th, 2006
3:09 pm - its been quite a while
wow i havent updated in forever. but its not like there was much to talk about then. lemme do a quick summary. i packed all my stuff from Louisiana and got out of there. i was playing soccer and having the most awesome-est time. Took a 9 hour flight out of Dallas to Germany and now i live on Landstuhl.
More importantly, what i came here to update about is the people down stairs. I really felt like talking about them, but there really wasnt anywhere to do that, so i did it here. Well, there is this kid AJ that plays a monsterous drum set. I was down there the other night trying to set up my drums and i had the door open because i could hear him and some of his friends playing guitar. One of them was on the phone walking through the hall and saw me putting togeather my snare and was like "hey you play drums??!?" and he introduced me to his buddies. They were like "woah, 2 asian drummers in the same building" (because i dont really live in a house, its like a large apartment building.) I think they may all be asian. Which is kind of odd. I went to school last week which was my first week since i moved, which put me out of school for over a month. but anyway i made friends with the asian group, of course, because for some reason asians always stick togeather. And then i go and make friends with the asian rockers. thats funny, they are only half i think tho. but anyhow one guy has a guitar that is one of those super cool looking shapes, like a triangle arrow type of body. then there is another guy that plays guitar and he has been playing for 5 years, so he is good. Then AJ showed me his drums, which are monsterous. Hes got an 8 piece drums, with 6 cymbols! Hes got 2 bass drums, and he plays really fast and EXTREMELY great. Its amazing. then when they were done playing a song they had made up, he was like "do you want to play?" and i was like "not after you.." There was another kid in there today, i dont know his name. but i asked him if he played, which was no. so evidentaly all he does is watch and get drinks. They were really nice and very cool and funny. They play the hardcore type of stuff. double bass all the time and the angry sounding guitar notes. but they are really good. seriously.

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Thursday, February 24th, 2005
7:05 pm - seeing if this works

FrIEnDs OnLY           from now on.

  i like this pic.

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Sunday, January 23rd, 2005
9:09 pm - tiny voices make things harder. evrybody will be left out. everybody will be left out.

>>Friday: Got a large sized head ache durring 5th hour. So i went home and slept all day. Im still sticking to the fact that all medicines are placeebos and that they are over rated. I calculated my entire hours of sleep for that day and so I found that i slept 15 hours of that day. Sleep is good. People who dont let me die when i need to are not.

>>Saturday: Felt ok. Talked to timmé about Mindtrix and how they are a possible sexist grup. Hhaha. But no. Watched The Forgotten and Mothman Prophecies.

>>Sunday(today): Felt sUpER dizzy all day. At like 2 i tried to ride to the tennis courts on my board and i could barely even stand. That was a bad idea. So i went to back inside and drank liquid nouroshment and watched "Slammed" again and "Garden State". The song at the end is very uplifting. Its a unique movie. Went and skated some more. Couldnt land any tricks on film. Did a nice little run that Déon filmed. It was nice. I want to film more tomorrow, so i will have footage and pics to send to that one company. Soon cuz its been like more than a week. I want more tricks in my run, then some stuff off the bus stop and hopefully i will get a nose slide. It would be even cooler if i got to go toTimmé's secret ramps and film some vert stuff. I took Pics of tim today.... 

look at timmé's big J-Hop!!Collapse )

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Saturday, January 22nd, 2005
9:46 pm - It would be cool if you commented your score....
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one word - - - - MEXOPHOBIA!
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we dont hang out much. y did u give up skating?!?!?!
"what does DNA stand for" "uhmm its a fancy word" lol!
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Thursday, January 20th, 2005
8:45 pm - In the center of a gun fight... in the middle of a restaurant..
>>Well I had a conversation with my mom just now and i asked her where we will go when she deploys. Then shes like "If" i deploy.... and that stuff. But she wot let me go to Ohio. So i guess i will go back to WV by default. It wasnt a very good conversation for me. Ill be given a brand new car (yay!) but i wont be driving to school everyday (super sux!), Im not allowed to get a job (son of a bitch!). Then i asked her about my drums and she looked at me like i was crazy. But then she reasoned with herself and said she would fix up the shed (IF THEY STILL HAVE IT) and i could keep my drums there. I guess it would be nice to go to that little skate park sometimes too. But seriously i almost cried. Nobody has any idea of how it was for me last year. At school and stuff was fine, but at my living quarters it was aweful. I mean it was that bad that everytime i think of it... its just really terrible and i dont want to go through that again. Its cool that i will get to go to school with all my friends again. *deep exhale*
>> I go to skip half of 3rd hour, all of 4th and 5th, then half of 6th hour. The science fair took forever. I was supposed to dress nice and i kind of did, but i wore my big Alien Wrokshop Jacket over it. I had to sit next to Shaina Fox on one side and Micheal Archer on the other side. They were carrying on the sickest conversation. She is a friggen dirty hoe that cheats, and deals drugs and pops pills!!! And shes a pentacostle(sp)!!! Seriously i got up and washed my hands. Cuz it was that nasty. I loosened the strap thingy on my snare. Now it rattles more and sounds cool. Then i changed the trucks, to my skateboard that is.

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4:37 pm - Music music
HELP WANTED : I need some good music to learn. Song cool songs, i dont care if they are difficult or not, and what are some cool cds to buy?

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Wednesday, January 19th, 2005
You are a drumstick.

Absolutely insane. That is how most would describe you. You aren't afraid to take risks, and enjoy putting yourself in strange situations. Most people hang out with you because of your hilarious sense of humour. You light up any bad situation, and can help all of your friends with their problems, except for your own. Because of this, you enjoy being around people like you. Many shut you out for your very weird, random personality, but honestly, you shouldn't care.

Most compatible with: Guitar, and another drumstick.

Click here -- What Random Object Represents Your Inner Self?

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>> Thanks guys for helping me out on deciding where to go. Even though some of you didnt really specify where. Haha, but thats alright. I liked how the WV crew all wrote in all caps. That was lovely to see.

>>I havent been feeling very energized lately. Possibly because having monday off threw me off my schedual. Or not being able to go out and skate lately because of the really really gay Science fair. I probably should be doing that now, but who wants to do that?!?! Not I. Ill be glad when its over tomorrow. Im not completely sure on what im supposed to do for it cuz we have to dress decent. So either we are standing by our boards and looking nice or were giving a speech and stuff. Which would suck. Yah see im not like everyone else at school. I dont have my teacher's home phone number ion speed dial.

>>I've been really smart ass to mrs. Cecil lately, but its fun. The other day she was telling us a list of things we could do to ocuppi our time and i just sat there. Then she was like "and what are you doing?" so i said "waiting". "Waiting for what?" I said "until you leave", she goes "where am i going?" and i was like "away from my desk" haha any other teacher would have sent me out in the hall too. I think she knows i have a tounge ring but just doesnt say anything which is really cool of her. Today i didnt have my AR book and she goes "dont you have to have your points this 6 weeks?" and i was like "I assume so" with an attitude. So she goes "well you can assume yourself over the the library" yah that doesnt make much sence but its what she said.

>>People keep getting swithced out of thier classes because they have a half of a credit of something but they havent caught me yet, so i dont switch out. Daffney had to go to Health, Geno's not in Drafting anymore. So haha! littel girl i dont have to take stupid keyboarding!! Whatch that statement jynx me. OHH man! I got a ONE HUNDRED on my math test!!! Yessss. I achieved my goal.!! Go mee.....

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Monday, January 17th, 2005
4:35 pm - I have a problem....

I dont know what to do. Once again.. my mom is going to deploy next year and i have to go live with another relative. I can Either go back to WV and stay with my grandmother, or I can go Live with my aunt in OH.

+ OF WV: There are a lot of cool people there. The schooling is pretty good. I could have a separated place to play my drums. I could drive around. I will be able to join Ski clib and use my snowboard, That is a huge plus.
- of WV: i cant stand old people, and i will have to live with my g-ma. I will be like 30 minutes away from people. I will HAVE to get a job. (dont get me wrong i like money, but ill have to drive 20 miutes away cuz i will live out in the boonies). There are some people I seriously dislike. The housing quality of where i will live is so bad. I may not be able to stay that long again with all that smoke. You just have no idea how bad it was there, my friends were the only thing i looked foreward to. A lot of people do drugs and i dont want to fall into the pressure. Although i think it is funny that i could probably make $50 just to let people see me high. Cant get online that much.

+ oh OH: School is close to the house i will live in. I could easily drive that distance and to work. I will live with my aunt and cousin, who are more energetic than old people. My cuzin is a follower and i like to introduce people into things (like i got her into some skate stuff, but not alot.) I may be able to get a secluded space to play my drums. There are a ton and a half of cheap shows that are super close. My aunt lets me get away with more things. She is more understanding. My older cousin lives close and i could go visit her sometimes. The skool has such smooth concrete, i could eaisly skate there all the time. I would get to go to the fair, sometimes that is fun. I can get online more. Video game avaliability.
- of OH: Schooling isnt all that great. People are not that cool. I might not be allowed to bring my drums or get a secluded place to play them. I dont know what i would do with my 2 little dogs.

Im glad I wrote out a list cuz now i can see which place would be better for me to go. But im still reluctant to choose one. HELP ME OUT. Which one would you choose if YOU WERE ME? If i choose OH, then i could still visit my friends on 4 day wekkedns or holidays like that.

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Sunday, January 16th, 2005
5:27 pm - Yesturday = awesome
>>Yesturday the little girl came over to my house, and then some time later we went outside to skate with Mike. Then he went and got his Bass guitar, the little girl brought her electric guitar, and we went into the garage where my drums were. It was funny cuz Mike sat behind my drums and felt like such a little kid, and whn i sit behind them im shorter looking. Anyways, he figured he couldnt help me out verymuch so most of the time I was messing around. It was nice though, cuz i would play something retarded and he would play it back on his bass, only it sounded more song-like than I did. The little girl took like forever to play cuz she analyzes for too long. When people were trying to talk i would always hit my cymbols on purpopse. We threw a couple of soccer balls at the little girl, i got hit im the stomach. Great times.
>>After we quit playing we were just messing around. The three of us played "miniature golf". Then Mike and I played hockey, then "polo" with some scooters and golf clubs. After that we "Jousted" on our Noble scooter Steeds. I kept getting stabbed in the stomach!!! alot!! and i fell back onto this box. He left 15 minutes before 11 and he wanted to sneak through the house without being noticed. So i waited til he was almost out the door and I yelled "HEY MIKE! WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN MY HOUSE?!?!" haha, he jumped a foot in the air. Yeah Im going to hell. When the little girl left her stepdad greeted me at the door. He likes to make physical contact, and by coincidence poked me really hard in the stomach!!! It was funny but after that I ad to go die. Im going to get stomach cancer or something.
>>Today I went with the guys to Showboatd a total of 3 seconds after she left and a total of 2 seconds after my mom got back from the grocery store. I just got back at 5. I had the worst skate session. I fell really hard like 3 times. And i dont even know how!! Like it didnt make sence!! I hate Karma. I stoped skating after a while. So me mike and preston were diving into Bushes. They had berries on them so we piocked them off and had a berry fight.

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Thursday, January 13th, 2005
7:12 pm - Peanuts comic classics "Lets See if it Flies"
Ewww!! omg! dont mix whipped cake icing with ice cream!! its horrible!!!!! HOR-RIB-LE!

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6:30 pm - dont call it a comeback now...
>>Today.... hmmm.yeah. OK my hand kept having seziers since last night and i was not caring at first but then it was getting annoying cuz it wuould happen every 1.76 minutes. Then i was like "its going to happen to my whole body next!! And seziers are funny but not if i had them. Cuz you just lost control, you could swallow your tounge or something. Any ways, i went home and asked my mom about it and she was like "Some times when you fll on it it may have hit a nerve and try to heal its self" and so my mom has the answers. That was The Little girls thought as well but im not supposed to listen to her.
>>I seriously need to send some footage to that one company. It has been wicked bad weather out lately and so i cant really skate much. I was doing a nose slide and I like took 5 minutes to fall, it happend in precessions. I slid, then i got caught, then i stumbled on the stair, and fell on the stair, rolled off the stair, landed on the ground. It took forever! Hollywood was there, he is funny. He was saying stuff about like if he hung out with Jesus, then Jesus would smoke pot with him and stuff. Then he went into wickens and was like "a lot more people would be into that stuff if you could actually cast spells and junk. I would get a million dollars. If it was like Oh Well Your Mom Will Die, Id be like Idont care im getting a million dollars!" it was funny. Then i had a janitor broom out there so we could clear the way for skating and he was like "oh are you into that stuff too? You gonna ride that home?"
>>I seriously wich i didnt have to do a gay science fair project. That is soo stupid, thats just the most retarded thing you could assign. And for my English essay I AM going to put that southerners are retarded and they lost the war so they should just stop trying.

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Wednesday, January 12th, 2005
7:26 pm - This poison's my intoxication, i broke a needle off in my skin!
>>Im going to freaking cry. I hate Mrs. Haymon, first of all for making us have to do a science fair project, then assuming that everyone knows everything. I hate this. I had a project set out and everything and now i can do it cuz she didnt approve it. Im going to ask her about it tomorrow. I just hope I actually do and shes actually there. I should freaking sue her!! Just cuz i havent known her or her family for my whole life and i WONT have afterschool asociation with my teachers doesnt mean she can slow down and pull a fast one!!! RAHHHR! I HATE!
>>In civics i sit underneath a TV!! I just noticed yesturday! I have to move soon cuz i have parinoppia and it will fall on me one day. AHH i hit the freaking book case today!!! It was horrible! That book case is going to eat me!! And if i try to set it on fire, it will spew flames at me and catch me on fire with it!!
>>This weekend is going to be great. First I need to find a science project, then i have to clean my room and stuff. Then This little girl is comming over to jam with her guitar and i will play my drums and Mike will help us out. He plays the bass so it will be coooool. Hes very talented too though. Samantha talked to me in school and was like "we should get togeather on the weekend and play (cuz shes got an acustic guitar) and i was like uhm..... I figured out that she liked Red Heads so i was like "Ohh man! You should come over and Meet JOE! She was like "is he hott" and i was thinking ...naww not really, but you will probably think so! Which is most likely. And then somehow, i seriously dont know how we got onto the subject, but something about orstritches came up and the little girl was like "I want to race an ostritch!" and said said there was a lady down her road who has some and we could probably use them to race! So WE ARE GOING OSTRITCH RACING!!!!! i cant friggen wait!

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Tuesday, January 11th, 2005
3:46 pm - i put my fingers into my.... EYESSSSS!!!
Dang it!! How the heck did that happen?!?!?! OK I took it the first time and i got like 64% goth and i was like nooo way. So i re-took it and i get a higher percent?!?! OK hahhaha, yeah sure, me goth. Thats a good one. Gee i wish i was Punk like Britney, cuz those guys have super hott hair. This guy in the photo i got, ehhhhhhhhwwwwwww, hes nasty loooking. Might as well take away his skin cuz hes already a skeleton. Ive neer seen an Asian goth... do they exist??!!!?!

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Hahahaha!! This one if funny. MAKE SURE YOU TAKE IT!

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Monday, January 10th, 2005
3:58 pm - I liked my day it was awesome.
>>Ahhahahaa!! Today was great. Like always, what i predict actually happens. I knew the little girl was gonna be late, sorry i dont know why i know this information but Samantha sort of asked me to check so i did and i was right. And then i said the little girl would get her best friend as a driving partner, and I would dbe last to drive. Gee thats a loooooong way for me to drive since ive never really driven before. My mom said it was and then she was like "alright we'll have to drive". See what it takes for people to actually help me out?! And we probably wont even drive anyways.
>>In Geometry Mrs. waddell noticed that the little girl cut her hair and then she said "you know who you look like...?" and then there was a long pause. So i jumped at the chance and i said "Snow White!!!" cuz its true!


>>haha Biology was sooo funné! We were split up into groups to do this small experiment. I was put in a group with all guys, it was Chris, Colby, Trey, and some other guy that resembled a mouse (im going to hell for that). Uhm We had to think of a way to separate two liquids and see if the "cell membrane" was permeable to either of those liquids, Using a beaker, a rubber band, and the two liquids. Well if your smart then you could come up with a way to test that, but if your not then just ask me. Anyways I had to write down the steps to preform cuz they were completely silent, then they went and got the supplies. After they got back we had to create these 4 statements and we were all looking at eachother and trey leans over and whispers "This is the part where you come in" even thought i wrote the steps and drew the diagram. But i did it anyways. After we finished writing they got off topic like usuall and thats when it was REALLY funny. Colby (has got a HUGE UNIBROW!! but thats not my story) and Chris were all like "we're leaving this group" so this one guy was like "fine! go, get out of here!" and they were like "no noh we want back in" so the guy says "ok you have to pass a test. Look over at that Mongoose (we have a stuffed mongoose attacking a snake in our biology room) and tell me if it turns you on" it was soo funny, we were suposed to be silent so it was hard to keep my laughter in. When they said no, they guy turns to the back and says "Look at that statue and tell me if it turns you on" and it was a model of the body organs and stuff that happened to be a femal. So i didnt even need to turn around to know what they were talking about and i was laughing soo hard. So Chris looks the guy right in the eyes and says no. Colby looks over at the statue for a seond and says no. The guy was like "ok this pervert actually looked at the statue" it was funny. Then he was like "ok one last test! Does that baby deer in a bottle turn you on?" and obviously there was a dead baby deer preserved in a bottle. It was great. I laughed much. Guys get soo off topic. I hope everyone gets this far down in the entry because i thought it nessisary to tell you this.

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Saturday, January 8th, 2005
6:46 pm - I dont think you trust in my self ritouse scuicide. I cry. When angels deserve to die.
>>Well i have when i press back and my whole entry is erased. It makes me upset, but im not like that now because im listening to music. Music is nice. I found out that Chinese New year is Feb. 9th. And You are supposed to wear Red that day, and not use sissors, and not sweep. COach called me today, im driving on the 4th, 7th and 8th. Just in time not to drive for Chinese New Year! Im going to get some Fortune cookies or something and pass them out, and if anyone says anything about me doing so, then i will be like "fine! but just so you know, its a chinese tradition and if you dont get a fortune cookie on chinese new year then that brings bad luck and poverty" cuz our school is already poor. I bought some split jeans to skate in. Split is a company. I should get them monday or tuesday. I was skating today, even thought i wasnt supposed to. I am so proud of my nose slides, they are getting better and better with each minute. Im crazy with the wasy i do tricks. My body is like dislecsic or something. I always learn the harder tricks first and then i cant do the easier tricks afterwards. Like i can do nollie shuv-its, but not regular. I did a fakie shuv it once, but that doesnt mean i have them down. And I tried varial flips, for me it was easier to do a varial heel, cuz im crazy. And noseslides are pretty difficult-ish. The only other grind i can do is board slide, but i dont reallty do those cuz there isnt any rails. I do noseslides on the stairs. Plus, i do them frontside, which is harder than backside. I landed on the palm of my hand once today. It didnt feel too nice at all. Its a little puffy now but its ok. Its bleeding on the inside. cant wait til i get enough footage to send back to that TomBoy company. I seriousley need to find the definate date to the DeRidder competition. And Ryan said Simpson has skate comps every once and a while. I could definately go over there for one. I like to be in competitions, even though they are scary. Once again, im a weird skater. Yesturday, Me, Matt, Joe and Deon were skating, we all had our "im the only one" things going on. Matt was the only "caucasion" skater, deon was the only black skater, i was the only girl skater, and Joe was the only roller blader. I filmed a little bit today. Im going to make a tape and send it up to you guys in WV so you can see what im up to. Does anyone want one? Or to you guys in NY if you read this far down into the entry.
>>ok moving on, The name for me problem, besides OCD and germophobia, is haphephobia. Its a fear of being touched that developed this year. So sorry i cant touch anyone. Sometimes if i view it the way other people would, it would seem to me that im putting on an act. But thats just the way I am, why would i pretend to be afraid of something. No its definate. Today I spent like 2 hours cleaning the house. Ben spilt this HUGE LOAD of dirty water eveywhere and i had to first stop it from pouring out, then use a bunch of mops and get rid of the water, soak it up with towels, go back and mop again with disinfectand soap, re-dry everything, and then i wiped down everything ben touched with disinfectant wipes. Cuz the water was nasty and he was touching everything. Then i took another shower and soaked my jewelry i was wearing while cleaning in scolding hot water and soap. Gee this is long. I found something else on line.
>>"Many people have communication problems; some are minor. Some are quite severe. Some are considered rather normal(being shy), while some are troubling(total lack of control of emotion, etc). Are these communication problems related to poor mental health ... or not?" ahhahaha "total lack of control of emotion" do i qualify for this? Humm i guess not cuz it says lack of control not just lack of. It was also pointed out to me that my AIM screen name has a subliminal message. If im on your buddy list, you will see that i have random latters capitaloized. If you remove all the capital letters and read the ones in between you will see the message. And then you will jump out of your seat cuz a while back i said my theme song was "UGLY" by "the exies". Its freaky.

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Friday, January 7th, 2005
7:39 pm - i hate everybody. im seriouse, everyone can die. this is my expression.

a bunch of sh*t you probably dont want to hear cuz im so pissed off right now.Collapse )

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Thursday, January 6th, 2005
6:29 pm - wise men wonder while starved man DIEEE!!!!!!!!!
YAY!!! I finally got a background picture for my Live journal!! Im happy. I thought i knew how to do it cuz i thought about it the other day but i didnt go through with my idea until today. And it worked. Just in case your not going to check it out, or if you do and not understand, then I have lime green snowflakes on a black background. I like it, althought i should go later and find a better picture of a bunch of snowflakes, but i will do that when i have time. I must also go and order some snowboard apperal. Guess what guys!! Im on the girlslearntoride.com street team, so im supposed to tell people to go there and check it out. So look at it if you have time or if you are extremely bored and already read everyone else's livejournal entry for the day. Uhm didnt film today, nope didnt even skate. But will do it definately tomorrow. For sure. I should have played my drums, i spend too much time on the computer. But its like cleaning, i dont like to do it when my mom is around. I duno why, i just never have. I dont like to play when its dark either. Im weird. Ohh man! That girl jennifer at my school is afraid of me. Arent you proud guys?! Well i dont know why, cuz im a small person. I guess its just my additude, or my facial expression, but i dont have facial expression. But ohh well. Shes afraid that i will beat her up one day or find her in a dark alley way and cut her. Haha, cut her, sounds like something a gangsta would do, and im not gangster. Uhmm, this little girl i know is in the mofia, but nope, thats about as cloes as i get. I will beat her up one day. Just for fun, it will be nice. She'll probably be scared just if i even have a thought of beating her up, and her hair wil then become fully white. Im going to film myself and send pics and clips to this girl skateboarding site. Well i must go and eat. My mom made cookies!!! ok well thats not what im going to eat but yeah. Im out.

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Wednesday, January 5th, 2005
8:39 pm - She smokes a pack a day, no wait thats me, but anyway...
Pedro Sanchez

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